Do You Ever Feel Like Your Company Is Falling Behind On Technology?

Staying Ahead All Things Design, Social Media, Websites, Apps, Funnels, NFTs & Beyond Is Challenging

Don’t Get Left Behind. Join The Digital Revolution

Your Invitation From Elias Benjelloun

Hey there, thanks for your consideration in joining the Digital Revolution. Read below to learn about why I'm so invested in this cause.

You see... Technology had a profound impact on my life & career.

I was able to graduate high school at 14 years old by going to an online school and learning at my own pace.

When I got to college a year later web design & digital marketing helped me pay my way through school. I even won my student government elections with relevant memes and resonating messages.

Tech skills helped me land opportunity around the world. From launching startups including Uber in Las Vegas to running marketing campaigns across Europe, none of this would be possible without my access to tech.

Now, I'm on a mission to power digital equity & use tech for good.

I’ve taught hundreds of kids, young adults and professionals technology and digital skills.

I've also helped 100s of brands implement cutting-edge digital tech to compete with the big guys.

By joining Tech Start and the Digital Revolution, you will gain access to cutting-edge business technology implemented for you, while supporting our efforts to power digital equity.

Learn about our proven digital strategy playbook below. I look forward to seeing you on the other side!


Elias Benjelloun

Chief Digitalist & Founder of Tech Start

Get A Tech Start & Accelerate Your Business Online.

Apply This Proven Digital Strategy Playbook

Introducing The Growth Engine

Growth requires a framework, otherwise you're just throwing everything you've got blindly hoping something will stick.

We don't drive blind. Instead we leverage a battle-tested framework for driving traction.

The Growth Engine is our framework that helps us build a consistent and predictable model for generating leads and sales that we can optimize together over time.

The Growth Engine Includes:

1) A traffic source including social media, sphere of influence, and paid advertising.

2) A high-converting sales funnel to generate and convert leads.

3) A Re-engagement system to nurture and follow-up with your leads.

4) Consistent reporting to drive insights and ongoing optimization.

Get DFY Implementation

All The Following Are Included & Done For You (DFY) When You Join

  • Branded Design
  • Website Management
  • Lead Gen & Sales Funnels
  • Email & SMS Campaigns
  • Social Media Scheduler

Get Ongoing Support

Our Experts Are Available To Help You Strategize, Implement & Manage Your Tech.

  • Strategy Calls
  • Email & Chat Support
  • DFY Implementation
  • On-Demand Training

Brands Powered By Tech Start

Across Industries: Real Estate, Non-Profits, Startups, Coaching, Agencies & Beyond.

What If You Could Access Big Tech's Digital Transformation Recipe

Affordably & Reliably, Without Complications?

Join Now & Get Big Tech's Digital Transformation Recipe Implemented For You At A Fraction Of The Cost

Get Everything You Need To Establish Your Brand Online & Gain Traction.

The Done For You Digital Strategy Playbook

  • Branded Design ($1000 value)
  • Website ($1800 value)
  • Lead Gen Funnel ($800 value)
  • Custom Automations ($2100 value)
  • Copywriting ($1200 value)
  • Email Nurture ($1500 value)
  • Auto Reminders ($500 value)
  • 90 Days Social Media Campaign($1800 value)

$10,700 Minimum Value

Exclusive Bonuses

  • Strategic Expertise ($10K/month cost)
  • Project Management ($5K cost)
  • Priority Customer Service ($1K cost)
  • Frequent Consulting Calls ($4K cost)
  • Dedicated Account Manager ($5K cost)

Big Tech Spends Upwards Of $25K/month!

By joining tech start, you get all of this included in your subscription!

1-Year License For Business Communications

  • Business Phone # ($600 value)
  • Calling & SMS Automation ($200 value)
  • Mass Email Marketing ($240 value)

$1,040 Total Value

Business Management Software

  • Multi-Channel Customer Support ($150 Value)
  • Sales Pipeline Management ($550 Value)
  • Reputation Support ($400 Value)

$1,100 Total Value

This Digital Transformation Contains A

Minimum Value of $12,840

This Total Value Doesn't Even Include Staffing Costs, Strategic Expertise, Or Expensive Training That Big Tech Companies Pay. Some Companies May Be Spending $100K+ To Implement This Recipe.

Big Tech Spends Upwards Of $25K/Month On This Digital Transformation Playbook

Big Tech Spends Over $300K+

Join The Digital Revolution With Tech Start, Today

And Get The Digital Transformation Recipe At A Fraction Of The Cost

$300,000+ VALUE

Launch Now For Only $2,750

  • The Done For You Digital Strategy Playbook
  • Branded Design
  • Website
  • Lead Gen Funnel
  • Custom Automations
  • Copywriting
  • Email Nurture Auto Reminders
  • 90 Days Social Media Campaign
  • 1-Year License For Business Systems
  • Business Phone #
  • Calling & SMS Automation
  • Mass Email Marketing
  • Multi-Channel Customer Support
  • Sales Pipeline Management
  • Reputation Support
  • 18+ Business Management Features

See The Complete Digital Transformation Recipe Below

Post-Launch Plans

After We Launch Your New Digital Presence, Opt-In For Ongoing Growth Management

DIY Access Plan. "Do It Yourself" And Maintain Your Access To Tech Start's Digital Software For $0/Month

DWY Support Plan. "Done With You" And Get Access To Ongoing Support From Tech Start's Team For $100/Month

DFY Growth Plan. "Done For You" And Enlist Tech Start's Experts To Measure Results, Determine Insights, & Drive Traction For $300/Month.

What Clients Say About Working With Us

Be On The Winning Side Of The Digital Revolution!

The Complete Digital Transformation Recipe

I Brought Everything You Need To Launch, Grow & Manage Your Business Under One Roof! That Includes Features To Support Your Marketing, Sales, Operations & Finances.

Unlimited Sales Funnels & Templates

Build unlimited pages and funnels for your digital presence. You also get access to custom sales funnels and website templates from Tech Start.

Customer Relations Management System

Get access to a fully functional custom CRM supporting robust contact info, stages, tags, notes, appointments, reporting, and automations..

Sales Pipeline With Unlimited Users

Build custom pipelines to set custom goals for your business while tracking your entire sales team and each individual pipeline.

Contact Tracker

Track your contact behavior across the website, email & text, social channels, and review portal for a comprehensive snapshot of each contact.

Email Marketing

Setup and leverage the built in SMPT or API integrations to send 1-on-1 emails or email blast campaigns.

Text Marketing

Register a custom business phone number to send 1-on-1 texts or text blast campaigns.

Business Phone Numbers

Register a custom business phone number to send 1-on-1 texts or text blast campaigns.

Website & Social Chatbots

Build custom support & social chatbots just like the one on this webpage. If you're stuck, send us a message to get automated & real support.

Forms & Surveys Builder

Build unlimited forms and surveys with standard and custom form types to build and track robust customer data assets.

Payment Integrations

Easily integrate and track payments across Stripe, QuickBooks, and Shopify.

Invoice Management

Use the invoice builder to build, send, and track invoices across your business associated to specific contacts.

Reputation Portal

Use an all-in-one reputation portal to send and track review requests across your internal database, Google & Facebook.

Social Media Scheduler

Schedule your content across Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn to amplify your content marketing campaigns.

Calendar Management

Build unlimited workflows and automations to integrate steps between your funnels, communications, and contact management.

Course Membership Builder

Build unlimited courses and membership portals for your community and track student progress across each lesson.

Workflows & Automations

Build unlimited workflows and automations to integrate steps between your funnels, communications, and contact management.

Live Dashboard

Track live results across your marketing and sales campaigns with the live dashboard.

Task Manager

Track tasks across team members for appointments, marketing, and sales related responsibilities.

Branded Design

Let us build you a consistent brand experience online across your website, social media channels, and digital/print ads.

Over $1000/Month In Sofware Value

Consolidate Your Tech Stack With Tech Start And Save Over $1000/Month In Software Expenses

See The Breakdown & Software Comparison Below

It's Not About The Savings, It's About Results & Your ROI

When You Work With Tech Start, You Can Expect The Following Results

  • Consistent Brand Design Across All Channels
  • Consistent Remarketing Your Universe
  • Expert Insights On Growth & Traction
  • Ability To Samlessly Add & Nurture Subscribers

And If You Want To Be Even More Hands On, We Have

More Options To Amplify Your Skills & Business

By Joining Tech Start, You Also Get Access To:


Access free classes and training on digital marketing, design, and more!


Order on-demand digital services on the tech start marketplace to accelerate your project.

Techie NFT

Unlock special benefits on the tech start owning your very own Techie NFT.

More About The Techie NFT

Techie NFT provides its holders with exclusive access and credits on the tech start marketplace while enabling free digital skills & training programs facilitated by tech start academy. The robot NFT minted to bring more digital equity into this world. Techie offers holders special access to tech start's ecosystem and helps fund our mission to help humanity win the digital revolution.

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